Videos about Rolfing

Introduction to Rolfing® Structural Integration

The first video is a brief overview of Rolfing SI prepared by two German colleagues.  It is short, directed at people unfamiliar with Rolfing SI and provides a nice "first glimpse" of our discipline.


This second video is an excerpt from a monthly show produced for the Center of Medicare and Medicaid (USA healthcare insurance programs) produced by MazurMedia. The show discusses alternative health care for people under these insurance programs and this segment presents an overview and introduction to Rolfing.



Rolfing® SI in the Workplace

Rolfing Structural Integration at Starkey Laboratories. This is a clip from May 8, 1997 on WCCO TV talking about how Rolfing Structural Integration affected Starkey Laboratories’ workers compensation costs.  The video doesn’t go into a lot of detail about how Rolfing works, but it provides a perspective that can be quite useful for you to make an informed decision about Rolfing.  The newscasters are somewhat confused, calling Rolfing “massage,” which it most definitely is not.  Their onsite Rolfer® was Siana Goodwin, several articles are also available, see here.



Rolfing® SI at Harvard Medical School

This Rolfing demonstration was filmed during the First Fascia Congress which took place at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. on October 4 & 5, 2007.  Rolfer Libby Eason, a member of the Rolf Institute's faculty, worked with client Patrick Coughlin, who graduated in July 2009 as a Certified Rolfer.


Rolfing® SI and Artistic Performance

Leon Fleisher, pianist. This is a clip from Dateline NBC on 7/14/96 about world famous pianist Leon Fleisher’s use of Rolfing to recover from debilitating wrist and hand pain, a dramatic example of binding from trauma to his hand and release with Rolfing.


See another short video of Leon Fleisher, performing after Rolfing.


Rolfing® SI , Athletic Performance and Injury Prevention

Rolfing Structural Integration and the Minnesota Vikings (Professional American Football - USA). This is a video segment from Vikings Game Day talks about how the NFL Minnesota Vikings use Rolfing Structural Integration to keep their players ready for game day.  The coverage is quite thorough, particularly in its presentation of what Rolfing really is.  Several articles are also available, see here.


Rolfing® SI , Aging and Living Longer

The implications for Anti-Aging and Living Longer are discussed on FINE LIVING Channel's THE INSIDER'S LIST with Julie Moran during which Certified Advanced Rolfer, Bruce Schonfeld of Santa Monica, California, explains and demonstrates Rolfing Structural Integration.


Rolfing® SI on Television

Rolfing was featured on Oprah where Dr Oz received Rolfing.


First Fascia Congress Interviews with Prominent Researchers

Several key Fascia researchers were interviewed during the First Fascia Congress in 2007.  The following speakers include both academics and Rolfers:  Dr. Serge Gracovetsky, Dr. Thomas Findley, Dr. Robert Schleip and Gil Hedley who authored the Integral Anatomy Series DVD's.


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