Articles of Interest

The Independent in their Health and Lifestyle section, December 7, 2010, asks:  “Will Rolfing be the Next Big Trend?


The New York Times in their Fashion and Style section, writes that Rolfing is fast regaining popularity:  "Rolfing, Excruciatingly Helpful". Unfortunate that the article seems inclined to perpetuate Rolfing’s beginnings when manual techniques used more force and the concept of pain was often associated with it.  Today’s techniques are much slower and gentler.


The Art of Making People Beautiful. The Rolf Institute has published a press release highlighting how Rolfing is winning over skeptics in the world of Hollywood and fashion, where posture, balance, and ease of movement are all part of the formula of looking good.


From the website of The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, the following article highlights Rolfing SI's involvement with Athletics and Physical Performance.


Similarly, the following article discusses the impact of Rolfing SI on Repetitive Stress Injuries.


Dr. Weill on Rolfing:  “Four Reasons to Try Rolfing.