Our Purpose

To be the Dutch professional organization for the advancement and promotion of Rolfing Structural Integration as complementary approach to health and well-being by way of:

  • Education & Communication
    • Promoting Rolfing in The Netherlands.
    • Informing the Dutch public about Rolfing.
    • Developing and hosting workshops and courses for the public.
    • Contributing to ongoing Rolfing research programmes and promote programmes within The Netherlands.
    • Raising awareness within Dutch institutions, corporations, and government bodies about Rolfing.
  • Community
    • Creating a forum for intellectual and professional dialog amongst Dutch Rolfers.
    • Giving Dutch Rolfers a united voice and representation on issues of mutual interest.
    • Directing and developing the practice of Rolfing in The Netherlands.
    • Improving the public’s access to Rolfers by making it easy to find and contact Rolfers in The Netherlands.
    • Attracting and hosting workshops and courses for the continuing development of members.
    • Creating and maintaining a website www.rolfing.nl, marketing and business practice materials for the common use to its members.
    • Maintaining the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics as defined by the Rolfing Institute of Structural Integration.
    • Keeping contact and strengthening professional collaboration between the Dutch Rolfing community and other affiliated national and regional associations.
  • Legal
    • Communicating and educating the public about practitioners falsely practicing Rolfing or Structural Integration without Certification.
    • Monitoring Service Mark violations within The Netherlands.